Wellington, Florida, January 28th 2016

© CUB_Equestrian Photography featuring, Laetitia du Couëdic, Daniel Bluman and Ilan Bluman

Dear friends,

We were all shocked by the loss of a great competitor and friend on January 4th, 2016. Andrès Rodriguez “Chepito” will be greatly missed and remembered. Unfortunately, this is how life goes sometimes. Luckily, our horses and routines are distracting us from the sorrow of this tragic event. All the horses are fresh and happy and we’re all looking forward to a very exciting year. We have a few new young prospects. We are working with them and will see how they develop this year.

It's always great to be back to Wellington. Bluman Equestrian's farm in is gorgeous. But above everything, the whole family is reunited. I love it. 

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Fundación Social Antorchas de Vida - Antorchas de Vida

Antorchas is a safe haven that provides students with a welcoming environment, nutritious meals, professional guidance, and above all, access to a local public school which empowers them to develop important communication, problem solving and organisational skills for the future.

Beginning in 2014, Daniel Bluman and his sponsors help fund a group of professionals devoted to providing support and academic assistance to students and adolescents who live in high social risk situations. 80 children benefit from the programme and every support counts.


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